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File created: 9/22/2022 In control: Coral Gables Advisory Board on Disability Affairs
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Title: Advisory Board on Disability Affairs Meeting of September 7, 2022.
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Advisory Board on Disability Affairs Meeting of September 7, 2022.



QUORUM: In Person Quorum was reached



Douglas Ramirez - Deputy Development Services Director

Arceli Redila - Principal Planner

Raquel Elejabarrieta - Labor Relations & Risk Management Director

Catie Hastings - Parks & Recreation D.E.I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Coordinator

Vivian Pires - Parks & Recreation P/T D.E.I. Counselor



Bonnie Blaire - Via Zoom

Debbie Dietz - Via Zoom

Jennifer Durocher, Director of UM-NSU Card



Vivian Levy - Miami Lakes Special Needs Advisory Board -



Meeting was called to order 10:05am



Haley Moss



August 3, 2022

Motion by:  Philippa Milne / 2nd Blake Sando / All approved unanimously







Introduction of Guest Ms. Vivian Levy - Ms. Palacio

Ms. Palacio introduced Ms. Vivian Levy, Miami Lakes Special Needs Advisory Board member.

Ms. Palacio stated Ms. Levy joined meeting this morning to observe what the Coral Gables Advisory on Disability Affairs is doing and to share information regarding their board.


Low-income Housing for those with IDD - Ms. Philippa Milne

Ms. Elejabarrieta advised board staff members Douglas Ramirez - Deputy Development Services Director and Arceli Redila - Principal Planner were present and available to address any questions regarding item to be discussed at today’s meeting in reference to housing for individuals with disabilities. 


Ms. Milne addressed board regarding housing for individuals with disabilities.  Ms. Milne spoke of article she had read regarding ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) and would like to know if City of Coral Gables can provide any type of assistance with this type of program.  Ms. Milne provided board with various current options available to persons with disabilities.  Ms. Milne spoke regarding barriers in place currently in City of Coral Gables, such as the one which states no more than three unrelated persons can live in a dwelling.  Ms. Milne stated in their case, there are currently three unrelated young men and a staff member.  Ms. Milne stated this makes it impossible for someone like her son to live in a home in Coral Gables.  Ms. Milne spoke regarding Section 8 vouchers and explained process when awarded to someone with disabilities.


Ms. Milne asked what City of Coral Gables can do to help people with IDD which do not have family support, live only on supplement security income and food stamps.


Ms. Elejabarrieta advised staff from Development Services present can provide information which is currently allowed under the code reference ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and then board can continue with an open discussion.  Ms. Redila advised currently there are two options in place.  Ms. Redila stated one option is accessory dwelling located above a garage and second option if you are a residential estate which is an acre and half you can then have a stand-alone guest house 600ft.  Ms. Redila provided definition of “Family” under the current code.  Discussion undertaken regarding wording in place in code and clarification was made regarding same.  Ms. Redila stated current code provides for exclusion regarding staff which are not family related.


Ms. Liebl asked regarding roadblocks which someone with the need to build an ADU may run into.  Ms. Liebl asked if there was anything possible the city could do to assist, perhaps financially.  Mr. Ramirez explained that the process is the same for all type of structural permits and the city already does aid during the process.  Ms. Redila stated the city currently has boards in place to assure Coral Gables maintains its history and looks.  Ms. Redila stated staff could look for perhaps grants or other programs which may be available.  Ms. Elejabarrieta will provide contact information for Mr. Ramirez and Ms. Redila to board.


Ms. Palacio spoke regarding perhaps city offering developers incentives when building within the city.  Ms. Milne stated it would be great to continue conversation regarding ADUs housings.


Ms. Elejabarrieta advised if board would like, perhaps staff can start research as to what other cities are doing regarding incentives, percentages, etc. and return to board with more information and encourage board to also conduct research.



October Disability Awareness Month Update

Update Adventure Day for All - Ms. Catie Hastings

Ms. Hastings demonstrated power point presentation update regarding Adventure Day for All.  Ms. Hastings provided information such as new logo, set up of event, programming available and status of current replies of vendor applications sent out.  Ms. Hastings advised after one week vendor applications where provided, they have received back approximately 53% and there has been great interest in participating. 


Ms. Hastings showed magnets which were created for event and provided same to everyone present. 


Board members asked regarding flyer for this event.  Ms. Hastings advised it is still being worked on and Ms. Elejabarrieta advised as soon as it is ready it will be emailed to all board members. 


Teens Scene - Ms. Catie Hastings

Ms. Hastings advised of first event to happen October 27, 2022.  Ms. Palacio asked if there was a flyer available.  Ms. Elejabarrieta advised flyer is available and as well for My Squad and they will be emailed to board members.


My Squad - Ms. Catie Hastings

Ms. Hastings provided information regarding recent event held and advised there were approximately 30 participants.  Ms. Hastings spoke regarding upcoming events and advised a flyer which will include information regarding various upcoming events will be made available to everyone.  Ms. Elejabarrieta stated she will email to board.


Project Victory Update - Ms. Elejabarrieta

Ms. Elejabarrieta advised Project Victory students commenced their internship at City Hall and they are doing great.  Ms. Elejabarrieta stated everyone is very happy with the extra help.  Ms. Elejabarrieta shared pictures with board. 


Ponce De Leon Middle School Self-Contained Classroom Update - Ms. Palacio

Ms. Palacio advised it is in place this school year and currently has seven participants.  Ms. Palacio stated she asked the school board if the board could visit the classroom and they advised it would be ok to do so, however it would be sometime at end of September.


October Meeting - Commissioner Raquel Regalado - Ms. Palacio

Ms. Palacio stated Commissioner Regalado office has expressed interest in having the Commissioner once again attend October meeting, however it will be a later time meeting.  Ms. Palacio advised they will be contacting Ms. Elejabarrieta to advise availability of Commissioner to coordinate.  Ms. Elejabarrieta stated they will be in communication with them to determine best date and time.


Disability Awareness Month - Proclamation - Ms. Elejabarrieta

Ms. Elejabarrieta advised during October city presents a proclamation regarding Disability Awareness Month at one of the commission meetings.  Ms. Elejabarrieta would like to do so for the October 11, 2022, meeting.  Ms. Elejabarrieta stated she would like for board to identify someone to receive proclamation. 


Ms. Palacio suggested it would be Project Victory interns, however, Ms. Elejabarrieta stated she would prefer to introduce Project Victory interns at a September commission meeting instead.  Ms. Milne stated she believes it would be a good for an individual with a disability be one to present it. Ms. Hastings recommended My Squad as recipient.  Ms. Elejabarrieta stated for board to provide any other suggestions they may have.


Training for Directors - Ms. Palacio

Ms. Palacio stated she has spoken with Ms. Moss, and she has made herself available for October 19, 2022, to conduct training regarding visible and non-visible disabilities.  Ms. Palacio stated she has also been in contact with Shelly Baer from the Mailman Center for Child Development (University of Miami Department of Pediatrics) to see if she will be available to provide a thirty-minute talk and is waiting to hear from her.


Ms. Palacio stated she reached out to Commissioner Regalado’s office regarding business survey to see if Chamber can tell businesses as an incentive, that they will be promoted on Commissioner’s program.




NEXT MEETING: October 2022 - Date to be determined


ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 11:10am

Motion to Adjourn: Blake Sando / 2nd Motion: Philippa Milne / All approved unanimously.



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